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موتور دیزل ژنراتور کامینز Cummins

مدل QSK78 Engine Series: 2500 kW - 2750 kW : 3125 - 3438 kVA


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Engine specifications (مشخصات فنی)


۱۷۰٫۰ mm (6.69 in)


۱۹۰٫۰ mm (7.48 in)


۷۷٫۶ litres (4735 in3)


Cast iron, V, 18 cylinder

Battery capacity

۲۲۰۰ amps minimum at ambient temperature of -18 °C to 0 °C (0 °F to 32 °F)

Battery charging alternator

۴۰ amps

Starting voltage

۲۴ volt, negative ground

Fuel system

Direct injection: number 2 diesel fuel, fuel filter, automatic electric fuel shutoff

Fuel filter

Triple element, 10 micron filtration, spin-on fuel filter with water separator

Air cleaner type

Dry replaceable element

Lube oil filter type(s) Standard cooling system

Six spin-on, combination full flow filter and bypass filters

Standard cooling system

High ambient cooling system

Cummins Power Generation QSK78 Series Generator