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موتور دیزل ژنراتور کامینز Cummins

مدل VTA28 Engine Series: 565 kW - 603 kW : 706 - 825 kVA


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Engine specifications (مشخصات فنی)


۴ cycle, in-line, turbo charged and after cooled


۱۳۹٫۷ mm (5.5 in.)


۱۵۲٫۴ mm (6 in.)


۲۸ L (1710 in3)


Cast iron with replaceable wet cylinder liners, 40° V12 cylinder

Battery capacity

۶۶۰ amps at ambient temperature 32 °F (0 °C)

Battery charging alternator

۵۵ amps

Starting voltage

۲۴ volt, negative ground

Fuel system

Direct injection

Fuel filter

Spin on fuel filters with water separator

Air cleaner type

Dry replaceable element with restriction indicator

Lube oil filter type(s) Standard cooling system

Three spin on full flow

Standard cooling system

۱۲۲ oF (50 oC) ambient radiator

Cummins Power Generation VTA28 Series Generator